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Our Junior All Stars Program

Junior sports therapy sessions are key to any development in muscles and output performance whether this is football, dance or martial arts.

By introducing balance stability training, alongside some extra strength and conditioning training, this will allow your little all stars to become stronger, more flexible and less injured.

Never just put aches and pains down to "growing pains"; we all know as adults, this is not always the case.

If you'd like to get your mini athletes to get involved, then simply use the contact form  to get in touch.

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Childrens Sports Therapy

Sports Therapy can be just as important to a child's muscular development as is it for adults.  Our little ones often pull or strain muscles and joints due to the very nature of 'playing out'.  Lots of kids take part in junior team sports and are just as prone to injury as adult athletes.  Sports Therapy can help in relieving pain, inflamation, mobility issues as well as help develop confidence in the injured part (stopping limping etc)


All our Junior PT's and Sports Therapists are  fully DBS checked to treat your little ones with their aches and pains.  A specific individual program is drawn up and 1-1 training and therapy is delivered with the parent/guardian present

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